Tuesday, September 13, 2011

County committee refining proposed vacation home ordinance

RAPID CITY, SD:   A committee of local vacation home owners and managers is working with the Pennington County Planning and Zoning Commission to develop a new vacation home rental ordinance.
The Pennington County Commission approved the committee in May. Members meet at 3 p.m. each Monday in the EOC room of the Pennington County Courthouse. The public is welcome to attend the meetings that are chaired by Charlie Johnson of Hill City.
The proposed ordinance will replace an ordinance that has been on the books for several years and is a response to the growing interest in vacation home rentals.
Read more: http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/county-committee-refining-proposed-vacation-home-ordinance/article_a6d6905a-dda5-11e0-87ef-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1XtOeDARV

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