Sunday, September 11, 2011

Easy on the Vacation Rental Restrictions

The only property I own in Twentynine Palms is the house I live in.

The only horse I have in this race is the vision of a family-friendly tourist destination that is the gateway to two great national parks, two great national monuments and a national preserve.

I’ve traveled the West for years and vacation rentals and short-term rentals are part of the fabric of every great tourist destination in the west. We should not cut ourselves out of that equation.

Vacation rentals are family-friendly — they offer national park tourists a more personal way of seeing the local area and getting to know Twentynine Palms.

We are constantly talking about attracting a low-impact, non-polluting industry to Twentynine Palms. This is one of the low-impact, non-polluting income streams available to us. It makes no sense to burden these small business owners with so many restrictions that they are unable to establish themselves inside our city limits. Doing so will assure that the only accommodations that can afford to establish themselves here are nationally franchised chains.

As a resident, I would be thrilled to live next door to a well-kept, nicely-painted and landscaped vacation rental.

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