Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Honolulu Planning Commission Fails to Pass Crackdown on Illegal VRs.

Supporters of vacation rentals on Oahu held signs Wednesday at a Honolulu Planning Commission hearing. The commission is considering a bill that would crack down on illegal short-term rentals.

The Honolulu Planning Commission failed to muster enough votes to pass a bill intended to crack down on illegal vacation rentals by requiring that permit information be included in advertising.

With more than 150 people attending a second public hearing Wednesday, the commission voted 4-3, failing to gain a five-vote majority.

Commissioners are scheduled to review the amendment again on Sept. 7 and take a second vote. The meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. at the Mission Memorial hearings room.

A public hearing at the same site attracted more than 300 people on Aug. 10.
Deputy Corporation Counsel Winston Wong said procedural rules allow the commission to vote a second time on 
the same amendment if it fails to gain a majority.

Wong said that if the second vote fails, the proposed amendment will be forwarded to the Honolulu City Council without a recommendation.

Commission Chairman Rodney Kim, who voted against the amendment, said the bill needs to be more comprehensive than the one proposed by the city Department of Planning and Permitting.

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