Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lincoln City, OR Considers the Fate of VRs in Nearby Community

Lincoln City, Oregon has a history of disputes about the role of Family Vacation Rentals in the community, and the dispute has intensified this year after the election of a new mayor, Dick Anderson, who some believe was largely supported by foes of the rentals.

Lincoln City is also involved in another dispute - with residents of the nearby Road's End community.  The city hopes to annex Roads End, and has pursued its annexation plans with tactics that some would describe as heavy handed.

The two disputes come together because an estimated 20% of the homes in Road's End are Vacation Rentals, and vacation rentals would have to discontinue operations or dramatically change the way they operate if annexation was approved.  Property values might drop across the community as a result and some owners would likely lose homes that are a significant portion of their assets.

The city asks:

Should existing vacation rentals (in nearby Roads End) that do not meet the city’s parking, landscaping and multiple ownership restrictions be allowed to continue?

Some would suggest that the city should not be already planning to step on the investments that VR Owners have made in the Roads End community, when annexation hasn't yet been approved.  It is a fact that a significant portion of Roads End property owners is opposed to being annexed, and annexation may not happen in spite of Lincoln City's assumption that it will.

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