Monday, September 19, 2011

Public Opinion Survey About Vacation Rentals on Maui

This survey was conducted by SMS Research & Marketing Services, Inc in 2008, and it summarizes public opinion about vacation rentals.

From the Executive Summary....

          "This report summarizes the results of a public opinion survey about vacation rentals.  The survey, done with 403 Maui County residents, measured how many residents have vacation rentals in their neighborhood, whether or not they have had problems with vacation rentals, and how they feel about proposed ordinances that will place restrictions on the ability of vacation rentals to operate. 

The key findings are: 
  • By a 2 to 1 ratio, Maui County residents opposed the adoption of ordinances that would greatly restrict or outlaw vacation rentals. 
  • Residents felt that any issues with vacation rentals should be solved by proper enforcement of regulations, not banning or restricting them. 
  • Maui County residents believed that vacation rentals are generally good for the community (57 percent). 
  • 23% of Maui County residents said they knew of at least one vacation rental in their neighborhood. 
          There is almost a 2 – 1 ratio of residents opposing the adoption of ordinances that would greatly restrict or outlaw vacation rentals to those favoring them. Even among those residents with vacation rentals in their neighborhood there is opposition to the proposed ordinances.  But a majority of residents said they could support the adoption of fair but strictly enforced rules to solve problems associated with vacation rentals.

          Our interpretation of the results is that people understand that there are problems with vacation rentals, but do not support banning or restricting them.  Instead, they feel that the county should approach solving the problems using other means than the proposed ordinances, which would highly restrict or outlaw them.  The higher level of vacation rental problems in some neighborhoods underlines the need to create fair rules that can be enforced by the County."

Read the entire survey results here ....

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