Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vimer, Oregon: State rental property decision could close the door on owners

WIMER — The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals recently ruled that the 15-acre Life is Good Ranch can no longer be used as a vacation retreat, potentially threatening other Jackson County rural property owners who offer short-term rentals.
Derek Davis, the owner of the property, said he was disappointed in the ruling and is not sure what his next step will be.
"We will figure it out," he said.
On Feb. 24, Donald Rubenstein, Jackson County hearings officer, fined Davis $600 after ruling the ranch can't be used for commercial activities because it is zoned woodland resource.
The property has hosted weddings, as well as large weekend and holiday gatherings. A neighbor complained to the county about amplified music and screaming associated with the use of a zip-line that allows someone wearing a special harness to "zip" through a forest suspended by a cable.

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