Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DA backs Lincoln City, Oregon VRD policy

The District Attorney for Lincoln City, Oregon agrees with the city that they don't have to release addresses of licensed VRDs to a high school class that was trying to survey vacation rental guests about their experiences staying in the city.

The effect of the city's actions is to prevent gathering of information about vacation rental activity by an independent group.  Some have commented that the city's VR ordinance forces all VRDs to publicly identify their locations with signs, and that many VRs advertise their locations anyways, so trying to keep a high school class from knowing where they are doesn't make a lot of sense.

"Based on the facts before me," DA Bovett wrote, "it is my opinion that the disclosure of VRD owner addresses and VRD locations would pose and unreasonable invasion of privacy and enhanced risk of VRD burglary, without any overriding public interest in that disclosure."

Bovett partially granted and partially denied Howe's appeal, ruling that the City must release information about VRD permits but is entitled to redact owners' mailing addresses as well as the physical addresses of the vacation rentals themselves.

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