Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Solution to Vacation Rentals: Treating– Not Tricking!


By: Richard G. Rumrell
There have been many instances where local governments have sought to control the duration of rentals of single family residences.
Many of the reasons local governments have given for enacting these regulations include preventing parking cars on lawns, curtailing noise during evening hours; eliminating piles of garbage as the vacation renter leaves; stopping overcrowding of the residences and generally attempting to protect the neighborhood from these and other related issues.
Often times these regulations begin with a stated purpose of regulating these vacation properties. Included in the proposed initial regulations are licensing, permitting and inspections. These are not unreasonable goals.
Unfortunately, these goals quickly degenerate into governmental takings. After initial public hearings and workshops the regulations no longer relate to reasonable regulations of these vacation properties but escalate to a total ban of any rentals. Sometimes the ban is for more than three rentals for less than 30 days or a ban on any rentals less than six months or even longer.

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