Thursday, October 20, 2011

Holmes Beach toughens stance on rentals

By Rick Catlin, Islander Reporter
Holmes Beach, Florida

Holmes Beach’s mayor has decided to get tough on owners of single-family homes that have become vacation rentals and violate city codes.
Mayor Rich Bohnenberger said he’s had numerous complaints the past six months about loud parties after 10 p.m. at some locations and trash left at the curb on non-pickup days. After so many complaints and efforts to settle the issues informally with property owners and managers, he’s now decided direct action is needed.
Bohnenberger directed code enforcement officer Dave Forbes and building official Bob Shaffer to inspect 14 properties that were the subject of complaints.
“We want to show the residents that we are listening to them, that our intent is to have these properties come into compliance with our ordinances,” Bohnenberger said.
Shaffer said he and Forbes inspected the 14 properties on Oct. 13 to determine if they met the city code for a residence or were in violation of the code for trash left out or for being a vacation rental.
Shaffer said 10 of those houses were found to be “not in compliance” with code.
Shaffer said the mayor authorized certified letters sent Oct. 14 to property owners — with a copy to rental managers — asking them to bring their property into compliance with the code or face suspension of the city rental license and/or the code enforcement board.
Bohnenberger said when a house is built, the owner attests in a signed document that the property is either a family residence or a rental. A residential house needs to provide parking for two cars and vehicles can park on the right of way. A house that is declared a vacation rental needs one dedicated parking space for each bedroom and no parking is allocated in the right of way.

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