Thursday, October 6, 2011

HomeAway.Com issues White Paper on proposed Vacation Rental Regultions for Austin, TX

In response to discussions by the City of Austin, TX concerning new regulations for vacation rentals, HomeAway.Com issued this White Paper which discusses the issue.  HomeAway.Com is the world's largest commercial venture that services vacation rentals, and is based in Austin.  The White Paper makes a comprehensive argument for a reasoned approach to regulating VRs.

From the White Paper

        "The STR working group spent considerable time discussing the opponents’ concerns. It became clear early on the idea of banning STRs (or regulating them so much that they could not exist) stemmed from a fairly large neighborhood that had only three operating STRs, and the arguments of why these three STRs are problematic are based on “what ifs” as opposed to actual occurrences. It also became apparent the problems the opponents faced are issues every property owner may face with his or her neighbors, whether those neighbors are homeowners, long-term tenants or short-term tenants. These examples include noise, excessive number of cars, excess occupancy, etc., all of which are currently and clearly regulated in Austin code. HomeAway believes that where regulation already exists, it is unnecessary to recreate regulation and doing so makes the code confusing."

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