Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Basalt council backs off law Prohibiting short-term rentals

Board takes manager's advice to form a committee to seek compromise

BASALT — The Basalt Town Council on Tuesday backed off approving an ordinance that Town Manager Bill Kane said has the potential to be a “wedge issue pitting neighbor against neighbor.”

The council was scheduled to vote for the second and final time on a proposed ordinance that would prohibit short-term rentals of residences for less than 30 days. Instead, the council took Kane's suggestion to form a committee to study the issue and come up with a compromise between property owners who rent their dwellings and their neighbors.

The town shifted gears after numerous real estate agents and some homeowners flooded Town Hall with letters and calls stating that high-end home rental was a desperately needed service that benefits Basalt's economy at a time when it needs any boost it can get.

Approximately 20 representatives of the real estate industry attended a hearing on the issue Tuesday night. Many cheered for one speaker's suggestion that the council lift any prohibitions on short-term rentals. 

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