Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Maui County Council Discuss Legislation for TVRs

WAILUKU - Maui County Council members inched closer to developing regulations for vacation rental homes Monday, agreeing on several requirements for property owners.
Under the proposed legislation, vacation rental owners would have to be accessible 24 hours per day and live within 20 miles of the property they are renting out. If the owner did not live in Maui County, he would be required to designate a manager who would have a home or office within 20 miles and hold an active Hawaii real estate license.
Council members also discussed a provision that would set a limit of no more than one vacation rental permit per person. But they proposed grant-ing an exception for owners of high-end homes, saying they didn't want to punish people who may have already invested millions of dollars in luxury vacation properties that would never be used as residential housing.
The Maui County Council Planning Committee is expected to take months to construct the legislation, which would establish regulations, enforcement and a permitting process to allow short-term vacation rentals in residential areas.

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