Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sonoma County Tries New Zoning Rules to Ban Vacation Rentals.

Healdsburg Patch

 Bob Santucci

Zoning of “Vacation Rentals” in Land Intensive Agriculture has taken a big hit in the past year -- and there is more in store.
In October 2010, there was an announcement that the Sonoma County Permits Department had made a change in what was acceptable on LIA lands in Sonoma County. Because LIA has the word agriculture in the name, PRMD decided to not to allow vacation rentals on those lands anymore. Northern Sonoma County has the bulk of these and will be hit the hardest.
Within one week of that announcement your local realtors put together a task force with experts from the local level all the way up to and including the National Association of Realtors. There were many meetings regarding this and it was quite a contentious situation.
In January, we heard that the Board of Supervisors had adopted the new policies. There was an appeal made and that new ruling had been put on hold until now.
 This week, we learned that  compromise has been reached and it is awful. Beth Bruno of The Wine Country Group of Realtors stated last week at the local MLS meeting  that “this is the equivalent of our private property rights being taken way,” she said.

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