Monday, November 7, 2011

Tillamook County in Oregon Seeks Adjustments to Their New Vacation Rental Ordinance


In October of 2009 Tillamook County, Oregon passed its first Vacation Rental Ordinance after a 6 month long dialogue in the community about what the proposed laws might accomplish.  During those six months a series of poorly thought out proposals were presented by the county, and for the first 4 months vacation rental owners were largely excluded from the discussion. 

In 2009 things changed rapidly after the county agreed to sit down with rental owners and managers, to hash out a solution.  The resulting law was something everyone thought they could live with.  After it was approved, the county stated that it would review the law in 18 months to see if any adjustments needed to be made.

18 months later, the county's Department of Community Development came out with a list of suggestions for improvements to the law, and the county convened a Workshop to discuss possible changes.  The only problem is, the county didn't think it was important to invite the same vacation rental owners that they had hashed out the current law with, so most short term rental owners had no opportunity to participate in the discussions about how the law would change.

The county is on the fast track to make these changes happen, and the first opportunity for serious vacation rental owner input will likely be a Board of County Commissioners meeting where Final amendments to the law will be presented.

It wouldn't hurt if the county would slow its roll and give vacation rental owners and managers the opportunity to participate in the discussion about what amendments might be needed to the law.  Who knows -- we might even have some good suggestions about the law that the county didn't think about -- again.

The will be more postings in this Blog about changes to the current law, as the process continues.

Doug Coates
Oregon Association of Vacation Rental Owners

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