Monday, November 14, 2011

Vacation Rentals In The News!

The Lincoln City (Oregon) Vacation Home Association (LCVHA) regularly publishes information in the local newspaper to inform citizens of the town about vacation rentals.  Vacation rentals in the area already operate under severe restrictions, and the town is currently discussing an outright ban on short term rentals in residential areas.

Here's the latest in a series of newspaper ads.

Vacation Rentals In The News!

  • Just up the road, Tillamook County is doing a planned 18 month review of the VRD law that was passed in 2009. The county reports that the law has worked well. Minor changes are expected to be approved later this winter. 
  • The city of Newport, Oregon has also broached the issue of regulating VRDs, and it’s uncertain where that discussion will go. 
  • Asheville, NC just revoked a ban on short term rental homes in residential areas. Local officials cited economic conditions, real estate values, and the benefits of tourism as reasons. 
  • Glenwood Springs in Colorado is also discussing lifting a ban on short term rental homes in residential areas. Councilman Edmonds thinks that lifting a ban will increase tax revenues and help citizens hold onto their homes. 
  • Recently vacation rental owners have opened up their homes to victims of the Gulf Oil Spill, and the floods in New England. 
  • The National Association of Realtors says in an October study that VRD restrictions may cause property values to decrease, foreclosures to increase, tax revenues to drop and tourists to go elsewhere. They go on to say that such restrictions may violate the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution. 
  • Over a decade ago, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled that VRDs are not businesses, and operating them in residential areas does not violate zoning laws. 
  • In June, the Florida State Legislature passed a law that prohibits local governments from restricting vacation rentals. It has been applauded as a huge victory for property rights advocates. 
  • In October, the Oregon Association of Vacation Rentals published a new white paper called Concepts & Guidelines for Writing Vacation Rental Ordinances, for communities that want sensible regulation of VRDs. 
     For more information on any of these news items, contact LCVHA. 

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  1. Our county in Florida changed it's zoning to exclude VRs in residential neighborhoods many years and I would not like to see that zoning revision undone.
    I own a VR in an area zoned of it and a home in one of the excluded neighborhoods. I neither want the added competition for my business or the inclusion of rotating groups of strangers in our close knit neighborhood. As nice as my VR guests are, their usage patterns and the fact that they are not residents doesn't fit in residential neighborhoods.


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