Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rapid City, SC Breaks VR Ordinance Plan into 7 Seperate Proposals

In an effort to move through discussions about restricting vacation rentals, Pennington County officials in South Dakota decided this week to break their planned new law into 7 separate proposals for consideration.

Proposals will be made concerning:
  1. Allowance of vacation homes in a suburban residential area
  2. Minimum distance between a vacation home and surrounding residences
  3. Fee requirement for a conditional use permit
  4. Whether or not to revoke conditional use permits when property is sold
  5. Maximum distance allowed from the rental location for an emergency contact's residence
  6. Minimum age allowed to rent a vacation home
  7. External sign labeling the building a rental
Zoning changes and distance requirements will be considered at their 1/23/12 meeting.  Other provisions will be considered in future meetings.

About 50 people packed a December meeting to discuss issues around regulation of short term rentals.  The community is near Mount Rushmore, and vacation rentals are an important lodging option for those who wish to visit this American monument.

Vacation rental owners worked with local officials to draft much of the current version of the proposal.
- Doug Coates 1/11/12

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