Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blog Author Featured on InMan News

In an article on InMan News, nationally syndicated columnist and talk show host Tom Kelly features extensive content from the blog about issues that 2nd home owners face when they rent their homes out as vacation rentals.

Tom quotes the blog when he says:
"Vacation rentals are faced with attempts to regulate their operations," said Doug Coates, whose popular blog,, discusses those vacation rental issues and regulations. "This is being done by lodging industries that compete with vacation rentals, by ordinary citizens, and by local legislators."
Proponents of new regulation, Coates said, "raise a wide range of issues, some of which are legitimate and some of which are not." The solutions proposed range from "reasonable measures to assure guest safety and minimize community impacts, to unreasonable attempts to completely ban all types of vacation rental operations, with no consideration of the potential impacts on the owners or the community."
Read the entire article here...
Read the blog at VR Regulations, Standards and Practices

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  1. Read your entire article here and found some good info thanks a lot for sharing its.


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