Monday, June 11, 2012


Shooting Ourselves
in the Foot … It Hurts!

The Lincoln City Oregon Vacation Home Association discusses how current vacation rental regulations hurt local families and are contrary to the city's Tourism Development goals, in a June 13th Newspaper piece.

      "Communities around the nation are finding that short term rental activity is an important part of successfully developing tourism and a strong, year-round local economy.

Lincoln City, Oregon VRDs spend about $500,000 each year promoting our city to potential tourists at no cost to the taxpayers, and an estimated $8 million in rental revenues is generated.

Studies about short term rentals show that much of this money remains in the community, supporting families, jobs and area businesses."

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Content in this document is based on data from the following web sites and studies:

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  1. Great facts,We all know that a place which attracts tourist becomes a high grosser earner because most of people wants to spend vacation and for them doing outside place trip is the best.


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