Sunday, July 22, 2012

Austin Group Protests Short Term Rentals

KTBC TV in Austin, TX reports an Austin group opposed to vacation rentals organized a protest. 

"There's just this endless parade of people you don't know from out of town," said resident Tom Nuckols.  Nuckols added, "There's not a neighbor there that you can develop a friendship with. There's not a child living in that house that my son can go play with, so it's really what we call the hollowing out of the neighborhood."

The protest was held right outside the headquarters of Homeaway.Com - the world's largest listing service for short term rental homes, and a major employer in the downtown Austin area.

Homeaway founder Carl Sheperd said that their average customer is a family that is traveling together.  Families like to stay in vacation rentals because they cost less and provide more room for the family.

The Austin City Council is due to make major decisions about the future of vacation rentals in the city at an August 2nd, 2012 council meeting.

Doug Coates

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