Wednesday, July 18, 2012

City of Austin Audits STR Activity

Earlier this year the City Auditor for Austin Texas conducted an audit of 1500 vacation rentals in the city.  The audit attempted to identify ownership, and compared rates of  emergency and non-emergency calls generated by STRs to rates of such calls at all residences in the city.

Some key findings:

  • 88.7% of STRs were owned by local residents.  Only 4.5% were owned by people who lived out of state.
  • STRs generated 
    • 0.4% of the non-emergency calls
    • 0.2% of the emergency (911) calls
    • 0.2% of the city's code compliance citations.
  • The number of non-emergency and emergency calls for STRs was not significantly different than the number of such calls for other types of homes in the city.
Download the Audit Here

Doug Coates

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