Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lake Norman, CO towns wrestle with vacation rentals

Denver Weekly
by Courntey Price

As the Lake Norman area grows, more people will look to lakefront communities as a destination for vacation. That is, if regulations don’t prevent it.

Some local leaders say allowing more vacation rental properties on the lake could cause problems for neighbors, but property owners say they have a right to determine how they use their land.

“This is kind of a new animal,” Lincoln County Manager George Wood said. “It doesn’t fall under the definition of hotel or bed and breakfast. … So do we outlaw or regulate it?”

Wood said county staff know of 14 vacation rental properties in Lincoln County, and the Howard Lane property is the first one that he knows has caused problems. So instead of eliminating vacation rentals, Lincoln County hopes to develop a list of restrictions for them.

“We’re trying to balance everybody’s rights. People have a right to the use of their property,” he said. “A lot of people rent out and have no problems. Do we want to impact those people’s property rights when there’s not a problem?”

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