Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lincoln City Oregon is in the 3rd month of a planned 4-month long process to discuss concerns about short term rental operations in the city and to attempt to build consensus between those with competing interests.

Below is a summary of where things stand so far, written by Richard Birke.  Professor Birke is a "consensus builder" consultant hired by the city to help move things forward.

Professor Birke summarizes the points of agreement from the group so far as follows:
  1. Lincoln City Should Be Attractive To A Broad Variety Of People 
  2. Fairness Is Very Important 
  3. Well Managed VRDs Are A Positive Benefit To The Community While Poorly Managed VRDs Are A Mixed Bag 
  4. Zoning Makes A Big Difference Because Predictability Matters To Everyone 
  5. The New Ordinance Should be Simple and Clear
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Doug Coates

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