Monday, July 23, 2012

San Miguel County around Telluride Colorado to Consider Vacation Rental Regulations

At a public meeting August 1st San Miguel County in SW Colorado will gather input about regulating or banning vacation rental activities.  

Those in favor of prohibiting short-term rentals are concerned about garbage or parking issues. They  also say short-term rentals will change the residential character of neighborhoods and take out of circulation properties that could be used for long-term rentals by local workers.

Those who oppose the ban say point out their their property rights under the 14th amendment, and say that they need to rent their properties short-term to make ends meet in the current economy.  A new group called 
Homeowners for Property Rights has formed to present their concerns.

The group cites "Complaint Driven Enforcement" as one of of the major problems with the way local government approaches vacation rental regulation.  CDE is the practice of creatively interpreting local laws in order to outlaw a vacation rental operation, based on a complaints rather than objective data.  The group says that this practice pits neighbor against neighbor, undermining the spirit of a community.

Read about the public meeting here...

Doug Coates

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