Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Rental Laws That Work - Short Term Rentals & Cities Work Together

Why do some cities, including Lincoln City, Oregon, ignore the fact that short term rental homes are enormously successful in bringing in new tourists? Lincoln City leaders have passed 3 major new VRD laws since the 1989 law was abandoned in 2007 – each more restrictive than the last. 

What would happen if city leaders, businesses, residents and VRD owners became partners in an economic and tourism development approach designed to reap the many benefits that a vibrant VRD sector can bring, while still addressing concerns of local residents and the need for an appropriate level of regulation?

The current law that VRDs in Lincoln City operate under is very complex, and some ways it is unenforceable.  This copy of the law includes comments from LCVHA about things that concern vacation rental owners.
      The Latest Lincoln City Vacation Rental Law, with LCVHA Comments

Look at how far we've come.
     Lincoln City's 1989 Law.  

Last year Lincoln City announced that additional restrictions might be enacted, without specifying what they might be, and the VRD sector has been in decline ever since.
     Lincoln City's Warning

Just north of Lincoln City, Tillamook County passed its first VRD law in 2009, with considerable involvement by an active group of VRD owners and managers, who wrote portions of the law. There is little discord in the community about this law.
     Tillamook County Vacation Rental Law from 2009

Just south of our city, the town of Yachats “recognizes the desire of many owners to rent their property on a short-term basis and provides for the orderly use and regulation of such rentals to preserve the health, safety and welfare of the community”.  Yachats also has few concerns about its VRDs.
     Yachats Vacation Rental Laws

The law in Palm Springs, CA recognizes that “family dwelling units provide alternate visitor serving opportunities for the city”.  The city’s desire to partner with its VRDs is obvious.
     Palm Springs Vacation Rental Laws

This Good Neighbor Brochure is a good example of how a city and its vacation rentals can work together to build tourism and help resolve problems.   The Lincoln City Vacation Home Association (LCVHA) is working on something similar for Lincoln City.

A presentation of the issues in the Lincoln City News Guard:

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