Tuesday, September 18, 2012

56% Support Vacation Rentals in Dana Point

At the request of the Dana Point City Council, a research firm polled 400 registered voters in June to find out their views about Vacation Rentals.

The results...

• 76 percent said they were unaware that short-term vacation rentals in residential areas are currently prohibited because they are not expressly allowed in the zoning code.
• 56 percent of respondents believed that owners should be allowed to rent out their properties for short-term vacation use, defined as less than 30 days. Thirty-two percent opposed it, and 12 percent were undecided.
• 66 percent said they support allowing short-term rentals if they are accompanied by permits requiring that renters be informed of noise and parking restrictions, and that permits be revoked if there are repeated problems. Twenty-six were opposed even under those conditions.
• 45 percent felt the city's enforcement level on vacation rentals should remain as it is, while 35 percent said it should be more aggressive. Among respondents who knew of vacation rentals in their neighborhoods, 52 percent supported more-aggressive enforcement, while 32 percent felt it should remain the same.
• 23 percent of all respondents said they knew of a vacation rental in their neighborhood, and one-third of them indicated they had experienced problems with it.

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