Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Manatee County, Florida Investigates Unlicensed Short Term Rentals

The code enforcement officer in the town of Anna Maria, Florida says she has 500 vacation rentals registered, but officials believe there might be 200 more that operate unregistered in the area.  Sherrif's Deputy Steve Ogline has been authorized to investigate unregistered VRs, and those that are found could be charged with a felony.

Only 12 properties are being investigated so far.

City Commissioner SueLynn has been advocating for control of rowdy tenants that rent from owners who ignore established rental “best practices.”  She said this is a “significant first step” in her goal to make Anna Maria a quiet and peaceful destination.

Recent Florida state legislation prohibits towns from coming up with their own vacation rental zoning regulations, and Commissioner SueLynn says that the investigations are an alternative way to try to manage the impacts of vacation rentals in the area.

Doug Coates

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