Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maui County Starts Permitting Vacation Rentals in Residential Areas

About 50 vacation rental owners have applied for permits three months after Maui County passed legislation that will allow short term rentals in its residential neighborhoods. The new law includes a cap of 400 on the number of permits that will be issued across the island. The county is getting up to 10 calls a day from people inquiring about the new permits.

Previously most short term rentals had to get special-use or conditional permits to operate – a requirement that led many vacation rentals to decide to operate illegally. According to a 2006 estimate by the Maui Rental Association, 1100 vacation rentals were operating in Maui in 2006.

The chairman of the county’s planning committee, who helped get the new legislation approved, says that the law will help make illegal short term rentals legal, and also helps protect the character of neighborhoods. Neighbors living within 500 feet of a proposed rental have to be notified of permit requests, and if enough neighbors object, the request must go before the Planning Commission.

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Information from the county’s Planning Department web site is here
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