Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vacation Rentals Help Coachella Valley Tourism Grow

Several factors account for the growth of vacation rental activity in the US over the last decade, including:

    a) on-line listing and booking services that make it easy to rent a VR for both the owner and prospective guests.
    b) a growing interest in this family-friendly style of traveling, and the fact that many family members are disbursed across the country.
    c)  recent economic turmoil, which has left many homeowners needing to generate income from properties where this previously was not necessary.

Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley area are seeing explosive growth in tourism as a result.

"People want to spend time in an environment where they can cook together and enjoy each other's company.  Its often a shared social experience.  Its often some type of family get-together" says Rob Kincaid - president of Vacation Palm Springs - a vacation rental firm.

"I think you get a better value with a home than with a hotel room" says Lisa Riding of the Acme Rental Company.

The listing service AirBnB cites that bookings in the area have tripled this year.  

City and county officials have passed local ordinances that encourage and support this growth.  Local laws acknowledge that "family dwelling units provide alternate visitor serving opportunities for the city."  Guest receive a Welcome brochure from the city that reminds guests that they are in staying in a residential neighborhood and should act accordingly.

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