Sunday, December 16, 2012

VR Owner Brings Lawsuit Against Seal Beach, CA

Last month Seal Beach in California passed one of the most highly restrictive vacation rental ordinances in the country.  The new law completely prohibits short term rental activity in all areas of the city except Old Town, and in Old Town only those who have already applied for a permit will be consider for exemption from the law.

Robert Beck is a local attorney who owns rentals in the Old Town neighborhood, and he filed a lawsuit after the law was approved.  He says he understands the concerns that the law is designed to address, but he and his tenants have been following all of the rules, and the new law should not apply to short term rentals that were previously licensed.   Beck has been licensed and paying lodging taxes since 2010.

Beck says that only one property in the city has generated noise complaints, and that properly regulated vacation rentals have not been shown to cause problems in most cases.

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