Monday, May 13, 2013

VRs Had a $56 Million Impact on San Francisco

According to Forbes Magazine, vacation rental activity originating from the AirBnB listing site alone generate $56 million over the course of a year in San Francisco. The study did not take into account vacation rental activity that originates from other list sites and other sources of vacation rental activity.

The figure breaks down as $12.7 million going to rental owners, and $43.1 million going to area businesses.

The study was conducted by HR&A Advisors, and is based on booking data from June 2011 to May 2012, and an online survey of 928 travelers and 344 hosts.

The study was recently brought to the attention of Aldermen in Evanston, IL, as they consider a move to ban vacation rentals, and weigh the impacts of a ban on local economic activity.

Read Forbes article here.

Read about ongoing discussions about VRs in Evanston here.

Doug Coates

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