Thursday, June 20, 2013

AirBnB style Short Term Rental Operators form Creative Partnerships with Landlords

In a new twist on the AirBnB model of short term rental operations - people who rent their apartments out on a short term basis are now starting to partner with their landlords to create situations where everybody wins.

Partnerships come in many forms.
  • One tenant agreed to a higher rental rate in exchange for being able to list an apartment.
  • Another shares a percentage of the profits from renting.
  • Some tenants provide their landlords with written notice that they will have a guest.
  • Some purchase extra liability insurance to protect themselves and the landlord.
  • Some pay an additional security deposit.
  • and some even go so far as to let the landlord pre-screen short term guests.
To find out more, including sample language for these types of written agreements, read Six Lease Agreement Amendments to Make AirBnB Work For You on the Software Advice blog.  The blog also offers useful information on Rental Property Software products.

Doug Coates

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