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Vacation Rentals

  • Vacation Rentals (aka Short Term Rentals) are small lodging operations that drive tourism and economic development in many communities world wide. 
  • Owners of VRs operate them to help cover costs of owning homes, and in some cases to contribute to local communities or address specialized travel needs.

  • VRRegs is published and funded by the North American Association of Vacation Rentals (NAAVR) and the Oregon Association of Vacation Rentals (ORAVRO). 
  • The web site gets visited over 3000 times per month by those seeking information about vacation rental regulatory and management issues, and the industry in general.
The North American Association of Vacation Rentals
  • The North American Association represents an effort to pool resources at the national level concerning 
    • VR regulation for owners, managers and local governments, 
    • to provide VR owners and managers with management information, and 
    • to improve the way that VRs operate in their communities.
  • NAAVR is a non-profit organization, unaffiliated with any commercial business  or listing site that services vacation rentals.
The Oregon Association of Vacation Rentals 
  • The Oregon Association is a non-profit trade association, funded by annual dues and contributions, that was formed in 2009 to work on how VRs are regulated in Oregon.
About Doug Coates
  • Doug started working on Vacation Rental operating standards and regulatory issues around 2003, when he realized that VRs were becoming more prevalent and that some communities were thinking about placing restrictions and bans on vacation rentals.
  • Doug has successfully helped communities deal with vacation regulation issues, and has consulted nationally on the vacation rental "industry".
  • Doug studied technology, finance, accounting, tax accounting, marketing, organizational development and psychology at various schools and universities around the country. 
  • Doug also owns Three Capes Vacations, which includes 2 vacation rental homes on the ocean at Netarts, Oregon.
Contact Information:      doug.coates@oravro.com        503 320 1133