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  1. I am thrilled to hear of this upcoming site. In 2006, we had nobody in our corner. We could have been "burned at the stake" by the local community and it would have felt better than what this community did to us, just because we wanted to rent our property out as a furnished vacation rental. The local paper got involved and smeared us, the lies, shunning, etc. was fueled by a county that chose not to follow a clear code in their book allowing VR's without any permitting. Instead, they chose to reinterpret their own law, believe false rumors about our vacation rental causing such atrocities as local wells possibly drying up or our septic tank polluting wells, and huge parties with portopoddys and tents everywhere. Since we have a surveillance system in place, we know this never happened, but to this day, people across town that do not even know where our property is located, swears it to be true based upon what they have heard or read in the paper. Because we ran a VR in which police were never called, noise or garbage was never an issue, we had complaints filed like, "there was a different kind of car parked inside their open garage and I didn't like that". I could go on with rediculous statments but you get the point. I truly believe "complaint driven" counties are violating employment laws when they rely on neighbors to report without compensation. Of course it would be worse if they paid the neighbors. It is free code enforcement which only serves to cause entire neighborhoods to become vigilantes, bullies, and enemies of each other. Counties and cities then become involved quite frequently in neighbor feuds that have absolutely nothing to do with code enforcement and everything to do with fueling an existing argument. The county told our neighbors to take pictures, and so we were a fish bowl day and night when we stayed at our own home. It was harassment and bullying. I did not know working adults in a community could act this way. I never saw anything like it in my lifetime.


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