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Welcome to our list of companies that provide resources to short term rental owners & property managers.

     Advice & Information

North American Association of Vacation Rentals 

The North American Association represents an effort to pool resources at the national level to address attempts to Regulate VRs, and to improve the way that VRs operate in their communities.
  • we are available for free consultants on regulatory issues that affect vacation rentals.
  • we are also available to formally assist if you are in extended discussions with your community about regulations, bans or any other issue.
3040 SW Periander Street
Portland, Oregon, 97201
(503) 320 1133

Oregon Association of Vacation Rental Owners

The Oregon Association of Vacation Rental Owners is an association of Short Term Rental owners, legislators and citizens formed to address issues around vacation rental activity, including:
  • Guest Safety and Operational Standards
  • Taxation and Fees
  • Appropriate regulation and permitting practices.
  • Economic Benefits of Vacation Rental Activity.
  • Ecological Benefits of Vacation Rental Activity
  • Information Technologies
  • Legal and Insurance Issue
3040 SW Periander Street
Portland, Oregon, 97201
(503) 320 1133


An excellent blog about vacation rental management issues for owners.

Rent By Owner Guide

Our blog provides tips, resources and advice for Vacation Rental Owners. We've owned and operated vacation rentals since 2006, and share our experiences, from buying a property, to building a vacation rental website.

Our objective is simple: To correct under performing short-term rental properties through innovation, technology application and attention to details. We also help new vacation rental owners get started in the market.

     Community Service & Charity

Geronimo: Vacation Rentals for Charity

Increase your income and be charitable too.  We help owners convert spare weeks into big donations and extra income.  Perfect for last minute cancellations and your shoulder season.

You are in full control of your donation, and we make it easy to donate to over a million non-profits.


Insurance for Investors

A professional brokerage  specializing in the unique insurance needs of real estate investors.  They offer a line of insurance products specifically targeted at Short Term Rentals.   See their Free Checklist for Vacation Rentals to get started.

Insurance for Investors
2705 Bee Cave Road, Ste 180
Austin, Texas 78746
(800) 299-8994 / (512) 501-4010

     Cyber Security for VRs

Cyber Security for Vacation Rentals

Do's and Don'ts associated with setting up wifi for guests, internet service providers, smart TVs & streaming, smart appliances, etc.

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